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Port Wines are available here. We usually have at least 2 or more wines for your discerning tastes. It is all about what grapes are available when.

Our Port Wines

Port Wines

Gabrielle Port Wine

Port - Gabrielle

Our Port Gabrielle Wine is a 6 year old barrel-aged wine. 

The Souzano grape produces deep-colored wines with concentrated ripe and raisiny flavors.
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Gabrielle Port Wine

Tristan Port Wine

Port - Tristan

Our Tristan Manuel Port Wine is an 8 year barrel-aged, simple sweet wine.

Touriga is the finest and most complete Portuguese grape for producing wines with an intense black fruit fragrance with overlying notes of flowers and tea.
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Tristan Port Wine

Thistle ~ Our Newest Fortified Wine

Thistle Wines

These are Fortified Wines, under the Port category because they are 20% Alcohol by Volume

Blackberry Thistle

Blackberry Thistle Fortified Wine

A smooth sweet fortified Concord with fruity blackberry aromas and a velvet smooth finish. 20% abv.

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Blackberry Thistle Label

Thistle Fortified Wine

Thistle Fortified Wine

A sweet, fortified Rose' with fruity aromas & a velvet smooth finish - 20% abv

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