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Each State has certain restrictions on Wine Shipments into their state. The Non-Texas Resident Map lists the states we can ship to outside of Texas.
As a result, we ask that you select the correct Map above for your wine purchases.

Shipment Update - UPS NEW Schedule - pick ups for our area are Monday & Tuesday ONLY

Red Road Vineyard & Winery proudly supports a variety of charitable organizations, with particular emphasis on charities in our local community.
Unfortunately, due to the large volume of donation requests we receive, we are not able to fulfill all requests. If you would like to submit a request on behalf of a charitable organization, please read the following requirements and instructions.
Donation Guidelines
Requests must be submitted in writing on organization letterhead stating the nature of the request, along with the date, time and location of the event, primary contact, your organization’s non-profit Tax ID # and an address where donation item should be sent if approved.
Due to the volume of requests, phone solicitations will not be accepted. Please do not call to follow up on your request. We will contact you if your donation request is approved.
Please submit requests a minimum of 90 days before the donation is needed to allow appropriate time for review and execution of request, if approved.
Requests for cash donations will not be considered.
Red Road Vineyard is not responsible for delivery or shipment of donated items.
Our charitable efforts are focused primarily in the local community, therefore priority is given to organizations serving the Naples, Omaha & surrounding community.
Organizations should limit their donation requests to 1 per year so that we may serve the greatest population possible.
Request should be mailed or emailed to:
Red Road Vineyard & Winery
PO Box 184
Naples TX 75568