Red Road Vineyard & Winery

Family Owned

Family Owned and Operated is what makes Red Road Vineyard and Winery so special.

Red Road Vineyard, a feeling of home....

It doesn't take a multi billion dollar facility to make good wine or have a winery. It takes persistence, hard work and a desire to make good sound wine that your customers will enjoy. That's what we have in Vintner, Merrill Grove! That's how you get award winning wines!

Red Road Vineyard is family owned and operated. It was the dream of Merrill and his late wife Loretta. The winery came to reality before Loretta was able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. But I am sure she is smiling down on Merrill every day! Merrill & his daughter, Luna, worked the vineyards and the winery for many many years and still do.

Deborah showed up in the picture 4 years ago as Merrill's life partner. She helps in every aspect of the business from the farm to the winery. Many of the children and grandchildren help also. So when we say family owned and operated, it is, from farming the land and vineyards to working the tasting room to bottling, labeling and working festivals! We do it all!! Jacqlyn works the tasting room and is our outside sales manager. Kayla and Miranda work the tasting room also.

Deborah & Merrill

Deborah: ' Being a part of this place brings a sense of pride that is hard to explain.

Luna & Merrill

Watching Luna & Merrill working on labels and the other girls working with customers and all of us running around like a chicken with our heads cut off when we have an event at the winery, but all of us laughing and having fun with the customers and when a customer tells us we have made their day!

Kayla Kingcade

Kayla:' I like how laid back and peaceful the atmosphere is. So much different than a bar.

Miranda Allen

Miranda: 'I enjoy getting to meet new people from all over. I also enjoy the wines, so it's nice to hear others love it also!'

Jacqlyn Murphy

Jacqlyn: 'The atmosphere is welcoming, meeting new people and seeing expressions on their faces when trying the wines we offer. Some are priceless!! I enjoy how it's not so big but big enough if that makes sense. (Family ran instead of a whole lot of folks just coming and going)'

There is no way to describe that feeling that rushes through the heart! This is Red Road Vineyard & Winery! A family feeling of home!