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Dry Wines are available in both White and Red Selections. We'll provide lots of appetizing information about them here.

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Seguda Wine


Our Sedoga Wine is Semi-dry blended White Wine with fresh fruit flavors of Apple, Pear, Citrus & Melon.

Pairs well with poultry dishes, pork, seafood & recipes that feature a heavy cream base.
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Sedoga Wine

Sig Red Wine

Sig Red

Sig Red is our Signature Red Wine.

It is a soft & mellow, fruit forward Merlot blended red wine.

Our Sig Red makes the perfect wine for those wishing to bridge over from the sweeter to drier wines.
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Sig Red Wine



Mourvedre Wine is a our Deep Red Wine.

It has a nice earth note with soft red fruit flavors.

Aromas of dark fruit, black pepper and thyme.
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Rosé Wine

Our Rosé Wine is bursting with Fruit Flavors. 

This Tempernillo and Malbec blend includes Red Currant, Raspberry and Strawberry notes.

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Rosé Wine