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Our About Us story begins and ends with a Passion for excellent wines. Our journey began in 2001. Owner Merrill Grove bravely jumped in on the Texas Wine scene, planting his first blocks of vines, 4,000 Blanc Du Bois in all. His dream was to create quality wines that would thrill the senses.

This is still his passion, as he continues to barrel ahead, creating an impressive menu of labels for every variety of wine lover. Red Road Vineyard & Winery, now in its 21st year of operation, boasts an abundant collection of award-winning sweet, semi-sweet, dry, port and signature blends made with the finest quality grapes, grown in the rich soil of Northeast Texas. The vineyard is located on a 77-acre farm in nearby Marietta. This property was purchased in 1990 and was partially cleared at the establishment of the wine venture. A quaint farmhouse adorns the center of the property and lush, green landscape surrounds.

Now, Red Road Vineyard & Winery, located in the rich Northeast region of Texas, is proudly producing high quality wines of the sweet, semi-sweet, dry and port varieties. The award-winning tradition of Vintner Merrill Grove is expertly crafted, beautifully aromatic wines that thrill the senses and take wine lovers on a journey of discovery.

All Red Road Vineyard & Winery deep, full-bodied wines offer a pure clarity of flavor that will impress even the most selective of wine drinkers. Red Road’s variety of labels are produced at the 77-acre farm near Marietta, Texas. They are aged, stored and available at our historic ice house location near the downtown square of Naples, Texas, as well as five other retail locations.

Old Building before Winery

The Red Road Vineyard and Winery is located at the heart of Naples, Texas within view of the Town Center Gazebo.

The winery’s original brick structure, built in the 1890’s, housed the first power and ice company.

Continuing our About Us story, The vintner grows a variety of traditional Blanc du Bois, sweet and spicy Cynthiana Norton, deep dark Texas native Lenior and herbaceous Seyval Blanc.

“Working in small lots you have a lot more control than large volumes so things can be more personalized,” Grove explained. “The ability to hold wine until you think it’s ready for release. Every individual has a different palette. Wines of the Red Road portfolio have their own unique characteristics within the parameters of the grape varietal characteristics that I prefer.”

According to Grove, his Blanc du Bois, Lenior and Cynthiana vines ripen beautifully in the humid climate of the piney woods region as they are disease resistant. Mouth-filling flavors, low amount of tannins, mineral richness and impressive clarity are the signature taste of Red Road Vineyard & Winery.

The next major addition to Red Road Vineyard was the winery and tasting room. Grove invested in the historic location in 2004, where he now houses his tasting room, cellar and a portion of the winemaking operation. This 5,600 square foot facility, located beside the tracks near downtown square and adjacent the Town Center Gazebo. The original brick structure, built in the 1890’s, once housed the Northeast Texas Power Ice Company. The building was last operational in the 1960’s as part of SWEPCO Power Company.

After restoration, the venue found new life as the Red Road Vineyard & Winery. With tasting room and the potential of hosting small events, we are open:

Thursday and Friday 3 PM – 7 PM
Saturday noon – 6 PM
Sunday noon – 5 PM
You are invited to take a quiet moment at the expansive bar or gather in one of the intimate seating areas and enjoy our excellent Red Road Vineyard & Winery varieties and blends.


Today, Merrill’s dream continues to grow. Our wines have bolstered an impressive list of awards, even besting some of the most prominent wineries in the state. His unwavering dedication to offer the finest products to his customers continues. Stop by the winery for a tasting or pick up a bottle at one of our multiple retail partners or markets. You’ll be hooked. Our quality is second to none. See our Family Owned Page for some great history and thoughts from family members

Merrill Grove Painting

Red Rose Painting

This beautiful painting was draw by Merrill Grove

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