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Red Road Vineyard

Red Road Vineyard is in Northeast Texas - in Naples, Texas. We offer our Texas Wines in Sweet, Dry and Sangrias. Our grapes are grown only a few  miles away in Marietta, TX.

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Within each type of Wine, we offer several variations for everyone's pallet. One of our most favorites is a Chocolate Lach Rua. It's a sensual sweet red wine with erotic cocoa aromas and flavors. Makes a fabulous hostess gift and goes well with your favorite chocolate or any dessert! We are also a Harvest Hosts destination for RV'ers and that's probably the most asked for wine when they come in to register to stay overnight!

Sample our wine selections and purchase our labels and other merchandise and enjoy our famous charcuterie boards and pizzas. You may also book us for private events at our 105 West Front Street location, as well.

Currently, our Sangria Wines are being offered in Peach Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake and Salted Carmel Apple. We make these wines fresh every Friday and are a perfect way to serve up dessert!

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We have some great events planed throughout the year - Rumor has it - Wine is involved :)

Red Road Winery Awards

Our Wines and Awards

We have been presented many different Awards from various organizations - it is such an awesome a feeling when we receive the recognition from our Peers and customers!

We will be covering all types of subjects about wines themselves. We are always asked different questions about what are dry white wines? Why are wines in a blue bottle? What is a good dry red wine for cooking? What is a sweet red wine for beginners? How are non-alcoholic wines made? What is a good dry white wine for cooking? What defines the phrase fine wines and good spirits? What makes Marietta such a great grape growing area?

We produce quite a few types of Sweet Wines here at Red Road Vineyard. Depending on the season, we usually will have an Aisling Blas (Blackberry Wine); a Red Moscato (Sweet White Wine); a Honey I'm Home (Sweet Moscato Wine); a Araceli (Sweet Wine); a Chocolate Lach Rua Wine (Cocoa Aroma); a Lach Rua Wine (Sweet Merlot); a Gabrielle (Sweet Port); a Las Wine (Blush) and a Tristan Manual (Sweet Port Wine). All of these wonderful wines are featured on our Sweet Wines Page.

Our Dry Red Road Vineyard Wines are usually comprised of at least these four: Mourvedre Wine (Full-bodied Red); Sig Red Wine (a Merlot Blended Red); Sedoga Wine (Off-Dry Blended White) and a Red Rosé (a Tempranillo/Malbec blend).

Our Red Road Vineyard & Winery currently sells online to Texas and approx. 30+ more states - depending on their laws. A signature will be required from a 21+ year old adult at the address when your shipment of wines arrive. Our system is setup so you will know when that day will be. Naturally, we sell directly from our Winery location in Naples. We also can ship it to your home if purchased on-site while you were here.