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RRVW's winery is based in Naples restored ice and power house.Processing equipment Built in 1890,
it actively manufactured ice until 1970. Purchased in 2005, restoration began. After harvest, grapes are shipped to the winery, where they are hand checked for quality, destemmed, and pressed. This process takes place in the main room of the winery where ice was once produced. Selected for their insulation quality's, the old meat lockers are now used to store wine and fresh grapes. Where the ice was once transported out is the new tasting room, guests are invited to sit and try our different variety's of wine.

Tuesday - Thursday 2 - 8 pm
Friday - Saturday 12 - 10 pm
Sunday 12 - 6 pm
Be sure and ask for your favorite Red Road Vineyard wine at your local package store. If they don’t carry it, let them know you’re interested
in them selling it and we’ll be glad to call on them. As of now, we are in quite a few in our area; in Lone Star, we now have our wines in
Anjo's and the newest package store, Big Pines Liquor #2; in Pittsburg, you can find us at Westside Liquors, Sagebrush & Dickson Street;
in Winfield, Cooter Browns & Rigneys Beverage Barn; KE Cellars in Tyler; Cooters Sprits in Jefferson, Circle Y Liquor in Marshall;
Po Boys in Newsome; Reds Liquor Store in Big Sandy; Savannah Bistro in Canton and in Longview, you can find our wines at Skinner's Grocery & Harley's.
Please check back for further updates on wine listings and special releases!

Lách Rua (Sweet Red)

Lách Rua (Sweet Red) is sweet blended red wine with spicy aromas and fruity flavors. Goes well with hot Mexican food and spicy barbecue or as a dessert wine. . . . $12

Muscat Canelli

Muscat Canelli is a sweet white wine exceptionally delectable & fruity with a flowery aroma. This wine can be enjoyed with such chilled foods as salad and sea food, fruit desserts or as a treat with very spicy foods. . . . $12

Signature White

Signature White is a medium-bodied white wine. In many ways it’s flavor fills the gap between the dry & sweeter whites. Excellant as a stand alone wine or as an accompaniment to Asian dishes or curries.. . . . $12


Las is a gorgeous sweet, Southern style blush wine with bursts of cherry, strawberry, and honeydew. Goes well with roasted chicken, pork chops, fruits or light desserts. . . . $12

White Zinfandel

This classic blush needs no explanation. It goes great with every occasion. Semi-sweet with berry, citrus & melon aromas & flavors. It’s appealing to anyone looking for an uncomplicated wine to accompany any meal. . . . $12


Solas is a semi-sweet Riesling wine characterized by rich fruit flavors & a floral bouquet. Goes well with appetizers to desserts, pork, poultry or fish & is still able to handle the spice & zest of Asian cuisine. . . . $14

Texas Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon has a dark ripeness of black cherry or blackcurrant fruit and a distinct propensity to develop cedar and cigar-box perfume with age. Pairs well with red meats, fowl or chocolate. . . . . $18.99


Fion is a dry Muscat white wine with floral, grapey, lemony flavors & refreshing acidity. Goes really well with fresh seafood, salads, dishes flavored with citrus, or as just a great afternoon refreshment. . . . $12


Sedóga is a semi-dry blended wine with a chardonnay base, oak overtones and fresh, fruit flavors of apple, pear, citrus and melon. Pairs well with poultry dishes, pork, seafood or recipes that have a heavy cream base. 2009 LONE STAR INTERNATIONAL WINE COMPETITION BRONZE MEDAL WINNER!! . . . $12


Dearg is a medium bodied, dry red wine with nice spice accents to ripe cherry fruit flavors with oak notes tailing in on the finish. Good pairing with robust steaks and hearty wild game. . . . $12

Signature Red

Signature Red is a dry full-bodied, bolder Rhone style wine with a spicy, berry taste. Goes well with red meats & barbecue. . . . $12

The Icehouse After Dark

An 11 year barrel-aged style of Port, which is a sweet, fortified wine. Prolonged periods of ageing in wood result in loss of pigment so this is a much paler, tawny-coloured style of Port, hence the name. This Port is a lustrous mahogany brown sweet wine with flavors of nutty brown sugar and vanilla. Great for after dinner or anytime with your favorite sweet.
20% Alcohol by Volume . . . $28
By the pony shot . . . $2
By the double shot . . . $4.50

Tristan Manuel

A 5 year barrel-aged, simple sweet Ruby Port wine. Touriga is the finest and most complete grape for producing Port wines with an intense black fruit fragrance with overlying notes of flowers and tea.
18% Alcohol by Volume . . . $22
By the pony shot . . . $2
By the double shot . . . $4.50

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